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The "Ghoultide Gathering" October 2, 2010

Sep 23, 2009

Giggles and Good Memories!

The Ghost and Mister Chicken
I can remember back in 1966 being dropped off at the small theater in Gresham, Oregon with my younger brother in tow to watch "The Ghost and Mister Chicken". Since I had already grown up with Don Knotts as my favorite deputy sheriff from Mayberry I was eagerly anticipating some serious laughter from this movie. Not only was it going to be a comedy but a "spooky" comedy!

What prompted this post was I was lucky enough to see the movie today on television. Of course it will never be the same as it was all those years ago eating "REALLY" good buttered popcorn and sitting in a wonderful old theater with my kid brother but it did tap into those memories and nostalgia took over. It sure does do the spirit good when such happy memories surface and a smile slowly creeps across your face and even stays for a while in reflection.....Thanks Don Knotts!


Tammy said...

I think I will rent this on Netflix, just for a chuckle!

Thanks for the nostalgic post!

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

that is a good movie...:)

...Miss...Maddie's... said...

That music gives me goosebumps. An all time favorite at our house growing up. We saw it at the drive-in.
The line from the two sweet little old ladies will remain in my memory forever, "and they even used Bon Ami."
Thanks for the memories Pam.

Anonymous said...

I loved that movie and haven't seen it in years, must go find it! :)

vintagepaletteart said...

I LOVED that movie too Pam! I never got to see it at the movies though. It would have been even better than on tv!