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~~~I'll bet living in a nudist colony takes all the fun out of Halloween. ~~~

The Countdown Begins....

"From ghosties and ghoulies and long-leggedy beasties, and things that go bump in the night...good Lord deliver us!" - Old Scottish Prayer

The "Ghoultide Gathering" October 2, 2010

Jun 7, 2009

Old Crone or Witch????

Age Has Its Advantages......

Many tales can be told of witches flying the night skies or turning rejected suitors to toads.... but what are witches really? Some say they are healers and friends of nature...Many perceive them as wrinkled and old and full of wisdom. I see them as all knowing using their learned wisdom to help the mis-guided to find their way. Do you know a witch?

In my travels I have met a couple and actually have two very dear souls in the family that are self proclaimed witches. My two family members are very active in their community and admired by many. They offer their wisdom freely and sell their cherished herbs to devoted customers. The picture I have here reminds me of them working in their beloved garden. I love talking to them but I'm always leery about saying I'm not well or I have some bone that is giving me trouble cause before I know it I am receiving some horrid concoction in the mail. Trust me when I tell you the whiff that oozes from the package is rarely inviting! Kudos to that old crone that lives near us all and is a good hearted soul. Halloween is coming and I can see the brooms being refurbished and set in ready for that MIDNIGHT ride!


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

Oh Pam, I do love your storys..they always make me smile..and get me in the mood to decorate for halloween and get my broom in good working order...have a wonderful week..:)

The Smiling Goat said...

Must make mental note to LUBE up the ole broom!! Just LOVE these stories Pam! Keep em comming!

Recieved my sweet little witchie poo! LOVE her! Have her sitting on my piesafe !Thanks a million!

A couple of us are actully pondering the thought of traveling to Michigan for The Ghoultide Gathering! Would absolutley LOVE it! Keeping my fingers crossed.


Theresa said...

Yes, I know a witch... I don't think there are many true witches around these days... but there are a few. The very sweet lady I know wouldn't say that she's a witch... but I know differently. :) She spends most of her time in her garden and roams the local woods and fields to find wild things that grow that one can eat...like blackberries, puffballs, and meadow mushrooms. She's also a crafter at heart making her clothes and gifts by hand. I guess some people would just say she's a naturalist....but I'd say she's a good witch.

Miss Sandra said...

Love your blog and stories.
Asa child, we knew an old man,over on the next block, who was known for healing and such. One day I sprained my neck and couldn't move it at all. My mom, took me to the old man who gently massaged my neck with some kind of oil. He uttered words under his breath as he massaged. I walked out of there happily moving my neck. What impressed me most as a child, was the fact that this man did his "healing" in a certain room where he kept oils and herbs etc..I do recall candles were lit. To this day, I believe he was a male witch.
Hope you are having a lovely day!

Tammy said...

I've ran across quite a few active witches in Blogland. With a blog like this one, you are bound to get a visit from one or two. ;D

They don't advertise the fact because so many fundamental Christians harrass them, and that is truly sad! I don't believe in hurting anyone for their beliefs or what they look like! It takes every color in the crayon box to make up this ol' world...how boring it would be with just one color!